Sunday, August 28, 2011

OpenPGP Manager 1.44 is out!

Hi all,
I've just uploaded a new version of OpenPGP Manager for Android. The changelog is as follows:

* Improved overall speed (due to Android 2.X optimization)
* Fixed bug while searching certain keys on a keyserver

I'm also planning a major redesign with most of the user's suggestions and better integration with Contact List, so stay tuned for September upgrades!


  1. Where can I get instructions on using it?

  2. Hi,
    in a few words, to send an encryped mail you'll need to import the PGP public key of the recipient (Keyring menu, Import Key option) and use it on the "Send Encrypted Mail" menu. To decrypt your own mails you need a private key and the sender need to know your public key. You can generate both public and private keys within the app, or import from an external file or key server. File encryption works the same way.

    Password-based encryption is much simpler, no key generation is needed to cipher/decypher.

    I'm preparing a "Help" button with usage instructions. Meanwhile you can ask me by mail if you have any problem using the app.

  3. Does this app support encrypting/decrypting email through CorpSync (Exchange)?

  4. Are you still working on this app? It seems abandoned.

  5. DEcrypting takes forever and I mean forever