Sunday, August 15, 2010

PGP Manager 1.3 released

Hi all,
i'e just uploaded a new version of PGP Manager (both DEMO and commercial versions) to fix a number of issues, mainly:

* Some users complain they're unable to test if the "Import Key" feature worked for their keys as DEMO version doesn't include the feature, so i've released a DEMO version with more functionality.

* There was a problem with DH/DSS keys (CAST cipher) created with older versions of freeware PGP. I've released a workaround with some fixes, but if you have this kind of keys you should test on DEMO version, before purchasing the paid app.


  1. This app seems to work pretty well, but two issues: (1) when encrypting in landscape on a Droid (important because this is how you get the keyboard), there is no way to "Send" because that is cut off (turning the phone aborts the process); and (2) I have been unable to work out how to get an incoming email decrypted, so I'm always having to wait for my desktop to do that part. Perhaps a FAQ might help?

  2. Hi Ron,
    (1) you're right, i've just uploaded a fix for that issue (now the menu has a better landscape view and, in case you would need more space, it is now possible to switch between landscape and portrait mode without problems).

    (2) sorry, that's a common requested feature to add and i'm already working on it but it's not implemented yet.

  3. APG in the Android Market works just fine.

  4. I have purchased PGP Manager for Android

    When I try to import my PGP Key pair exported from PGP desktop (myname.asc) it fails saying the key is not valid or is already in the key ring, it can read the details of the key as it displays the cipher strengh etc - How do I import it