Tuesday, March 23, 2010

PGP Manager v1.0 for Android released.

This is the initial release of PGP Manager for Android, the first all-in-one PGP file encryption app for Android platform. It currently supports:

* Creation of PGP keys (both RSA and DSA/ElGamal) with optional subkeys.
* Import and export of PGP keys from/to external files (with optional armoring).
* Bulk import of an entire public or private keyring.
* Keyring management (key deletion, detailed information of key capabitilies...)
* Encryption and decryption of files with a public key (with optional signing)
* Encryption key identification for encrypted files.
* Symmetric encryption and decryption (password-based) with selectable algorithms (currently AES-128, AES-192, AES-256, DES, 3-DES and RC2).
* File signing, verification and signing key identification.
* Biometric fingerprint of keys.

PGP Manager is already available at the Android Market.

This release is dedicated to my amazing girlfriend Irene for her patience and support.

Some screenshots:

Main screen.

Key identification of encrypted files.

Keyring manager. Copper keys represent public keys, while gold ones represent secret parts.

Algorithms for symmetric (password-based) encryption.

Advanced key details (subkeys and biometric fingerprint)

1 comment:

  1. Ramses, this is great work!

    Is it possible that you can make it automatically encrypt-decrypt between the mail client and the internet? This would make encryption/decryption automatic and transparent to the email user, which would be great!